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We are the UK's leading distributor for Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes, Replacement Cartridges and Accessories.

Without a doubt, electronic cigarettes have definitely reached great popularity among smokers across the world. This modern smoking tool gained fame for offering a healthier alternative than traditional cigarettes. It has also been effective in helping smokers kick the habit plus the bonus is that it greatly reduces accompanying health risks.

We here at The Clean Smoke Company make it easier for buyers to find great electronic cigarettes on the internet. Instead of having to leave home and check nearby stores, we present you our website which allows you to purchase Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes in an instant.

Just take your pick and you bet we're ready to deliver your orders straight to your doorstep. Moreover, we even have discounted delivery rates that make our offers very attractive for potential clients.

For example, we have the Green Smoke starter kits. These kits are surely ideal for those who want to significantly decrease their nicotine and other chemical intake. Available flavors include Apple, Vanilla, Menthol, and Original Tobacco.

We also have various Green Smoke accessories for you to choose from. The Black Carry Case, for instance, gives you a stylish way to carry your cartridges and batteries whenever you are on the go. It measures 2 x 7 x 11 cm (HWL) and merely weighs 80 grams, so portability is never a problem. You could either bring three batteries and 2 cartridges with it or a couple of batteries and four cartridges.

Another interesting accessory would be the Car Adapter for USB Charger. This one allows you to charge your e-cigarettes in a vehicle or when you are at home. This USB charger, likewise, eliminates the need to use a computer, so you don't have to worry about bringing it along all the time.

As for the actual e-cigarettes, the - Green Smoke Long Lasting - Absolute Tobacco Cartridge - Full (1.8%) x5 is one of our best sellers. One thing you should realize here is that a single cartridge is equivalent to at least 400 puffs that's actually comparable to smoking a pack of cigarettes. With an electronic cigarette, you even have the chance to choose the nicotine level. For instance, a 0mg cartridge contains zero nicotine content while a 4mg would be equal to "Ultra Lights." On the other hand, a 6mg would be equivalent to a 'Lights,' an 8mg to a 'Red,' a 12 mg to a regular menthol cigarette, while a 16 mg would be like a non-filtered cigarette. Finally, a 16mg Absolute Tobacco would be similar to a pipe tobacco and an 18mg is akin to a full cigarette tobacco.

Browse our website here at The Clean Smoke Company, and we'll let you see more choices to satisfy your fascination with Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes. Save money and minimize your health risks by switching to electronic cigarettes now.

Benefits of Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, are becoming more and more popular these days. Due to the increasing number of lung cancer victims, many smokers are trying to stir clear from traditional smoking. This habit is truly difficult to kick off, but it doesn't necessarily mean there's no hope for smokers.

It is true that no scientific studies have proven the effects of smoking electronic cigarettes yet. But, in terms of safety, it is a better option compared to traditional cigarettes that contain tar and other chemicals. Prior to the discovery of e-cigarettes, people who wanted to kick off the habit used nicotine patches, oral medicines, meditation, and therapy. But among those who were trying to stop smoking have ended up doing their habit again. It is a difficult feat especially when you've been smoking for decades.

One of the most popular products available in the market is Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette. It is recommended that you start with this product by purchasing the Green Smoke Starter Kits that include the basic items that every smoker needs. Every starter kit includes 5 Green Smoke Long Lasting Cartridges, 1 USB home charger kit with USB and wall adapters, and 2 lithium ion rechargeable batteries. If you are a long-time smoker and would like to use this product as a permanent alternative, it is best that you also invest on electronic cigarette replacement batteries.

What else can you get from using Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

Each e-cigarette cartridge can last up to 400 puffs. If you do the math, you'll certainly save a few bucks if you'll switch to Green Smoke since 1 cartridge is about the same amount as 1 pack of traditional cigarettes.

Another benefit that you can get is better socialization. Many people hate smoke from cigarettes, so they don't usually hang around smokers. For people who cannot totally avoid their friends or family members who do not smoke, this is one way to stay in the crowd without upsetting them. Smoking e-cigs is also advantageous since it can be used indoors, as long as the establishment or the homeowner allows it.

One of the best things that you can get from using Green Smoke e-cigarettes is its harmlessness. As mention earlier, there may be no study that can conclude of its effectiveness in curbing the habit, but it is safer to use due to lack of harmful ingredients. It is also safe because it doesn't have flame. There's no danger in accidentally dropping the item or falling asleep while it's still 'lit'.

Lastly, with the help of technology, this product was developed with the user in mind. No one wants an electronic cigarette that works like a complicated gadget. That's why the Green Smoke cartridge is just made of 2 parts - the cartridge and battery. Screwing them together activates the item quickly and easily.

So, for those who are having a problem quitting and needing a better alternative, it's better to get the Green Smoke electronic cigarette kits.

WARNING: This product is intended for use by persons 19 or older, and not by children, woman who are pregnant or breast feeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine fro depression or asthma. If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, consult your physician before using this product. Nicotine is highly addictive and habit forming. Keep out of reach of children. This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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